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Commissions Information

I do free commissions, but it's my discretion if I want to take on your commission. You can suggest the content of your commission, but you'll have no control over how I create your commission (digital, watercolor, pen, pencil, etc) or what your commission subject will be doing. Since it's a free commission, I retain full control over the execution of the art piece and its delivery time frame. Copyright of the work belongs to me, you retain copyright of your creations, but all of the content and wherever you want to show it or whatever derivative work you want to do with it is extended to you in a non-exclusive perpetual license.

I will also send FREE works of my choosing, if you just want art of any kind of mine.

Just send me your mailing address

(US & Canada only) to

TLDR: I don't charge for commissions, but you get a very limited choice in what that commission will be and when it'll be delivered.


Other games might be interspersed throughout the week with random go-live times, but the following are the hard-set schedule times for the events listed. Join the Discord for more information. You can find a link to the Discord on my Twitch about page.

Sunday (Day Off)​
  • Marbles on Stream - Bots vs Humans - 5 PM Pacific / 8 PM Eastern - Win Exclusive Personalized Merch or POQ Quarters

Tuesday (Day Off)
Wednesday​ (Day Off)
  • Story-Type Games (Quantum Break, Life is Strange, etc) - 3 PM Pacific / 8 PM Eastern

Friday - Marbles on Stream​
  • First 3 Fridays of the Month - Bots vs Humans - 1 PM Pac / 10 AM Eas - Win 5000 POQ Quarters

  • Last Friday of the Month - Synthwave Challenge - 5 PM Pac / 8 PM Eas (Tentative)

  • Wikipedia Speedruns - 3 PM Pac / 6 PM Eas

  • Chefsquad - 5 PM Pac / 8 PM Eas

  • Jackbox - 7 PM Pac / 10 PM Eas