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RoboCoonie is the youngest son of Wolff Wölver, Alpha Werewolf of the mighty werebeast warrior Wölver clan, and Celeste Wölver, his werecoon mother. RoboCoonie has an older werewolf brother named Hunter, his "grandpaw" and former Alpha Werewolf Fang Wölver, and his "godpaw" and former Alpha Werebear Grenth Ursus, and his "Unkie" current Alpha Werebear Garras.

Lee attends the furry conventions as either of his RoboCoonie or Fluffo (a fluffy Samoyed) fursonas.

About Lee

RoboCoonie Wölver is one of two fursonas of digital artist Lee Almodovar. He has various presences under different aliases across the internet but has been building the robotic raccoon fursona for at least a decade.

Lee is a Muay Thai and Boxing enthusiast, actively training in both. This carries over into his furry and digital art, where the breadth of his current work is mostly fight-related.

Teamed up with his Bear friend, Lee is working on a coming-of-age webcomic featuring his werewolf character and his friend's bear character in their teenage years.


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