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Back in the Game

After an absence of several years from the drawing game, and specifically, the furry arts game, I've decided it's high-time I return. Mostly because I take a daily pill right now that relieves the crippling depression I'd otherwise experience that causes me to nto work on anything and wallow in my shallow existence.

And mainly because I have creative outlets that must be expressed and they need to be expressed in sexy manly form of muscular bodies, sweat, fighting, blood and muscle worship. So the muscle boys will once again grace these pages.

I also have a need to work on a webcomic and I managed to create two webcomics projects for myself, so there's the rub of the real reason why I'm restarting my craft. I have the "IT Brigade" comics, set in my Eccentricity Comics universe, and the "PAWS" comic that I'm co-creating with a certain bear known in the Telegram community as "PunchBear" and as "Lineage26" on FurAffinity. That one is taking two of our OCs and placing them in high school, creating a slice of life, coming of age, misadventures with lots of fighting and sexy teenage bodies stories.

Cameos from friends as I desire.

So...yeah, I am RoboCoonie Wölver. My links to various other galleries and profiles are in the footer of this site. Welcome, and I hope to see more of you guys around as I rehone what I lost.

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