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He watched the child's hair flow in the Great Ocean breeze while she held on to his hand. Her bright silver eyes glistened in the light of the three suns. He smiled, slightly at first, then turned to watch the ocean.

"Why?" she asked pointing towards the dark storm clouds circling over the Zedari fields. He pushed back a long black strand of hair from his white eyes and glanced towards the clouds. She tugged on his hand, and repeated her question.

He knelt down, his long white robe gently flowing around him almost embracing the small child. Her eyes as innocent as her being, her long brown hair flowing gracefully over her shoulders. She stared deeply into his eyes trying to search for an answer. He let go of her hand, and drew her in close leaning in to whisper an answer into her ear.

She laughed, because his voice tickled, and started running towards the water's edge. He stood from his position and watched her run, remembering the days of old when her mother used to run on the same beach with him long before she was born. The little girl danced in small circles singing a soft tune to herself as her father watched, his entire being focused on this little person.

The breeze picked up a little, rustling through his robes and playing with the little girl's hair. She stopped running and walked up to her dad, the same inquisitive look in her eyes. She drew out a little hand and motioned for him to bend down.

Leaning into her father's ear, she whispered some little nothing at him. He blinked, astonished for a moment, then watched as the little girl started skipping back up the embankment towards their home.She truly is her mother's daughterhe thought as he slowly walked behind the little girl, the rain clouds starting to spill its first drops of the Showers over the fields.

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